Sunday, March 9, 2014

EDUC 6115 - Week One - Useful Blogs

I work in a bureau that is part of the Department of State, and I work closely with the Distributed Learning Designers. Upon finishing this degree, I hope to gain a position on their team. Knowing exactly what they do, and having helped with creating lessons a few times, I kept this in mind while looking for blogs to use as tools.

This blog is written and controlled by Cathy Moore. She provides tools and ideas for how to incorporate scenarios, tips for webinars, as well as posts where she asks questions and includes outside links. She often asks for her readers' opinions, and asks that they leave comments with their own thoughts and ideas. This blog feels more like a community and a conversation than an informative article. One of my favorite facets of Cathy's blog is that she provides a link to register for workshops that she provides.

The IDD Blog is another blog I find to be incredibly useful. It is run by a team of faculty from DePaul University. I like that it has more than one contributor, so you often get different views on the same subject, and each faculty member has a different story to tell. The blog is less biased than others that are run by only one person. The IDD Blog also has a section on its sidebar for all the different categories of posts you could find on the blog. I found the Mobile Learning section useful because the team I worked with just deployed tablets to students we are currently training. It's nice to be able to read other people's opinions about similar situations.

The third blog I'm bookmarking here is actually through the Lectora website. I'm familiar with Lectora from creating some small-scale lessons using the software, and finding this blog at this point in my career was so lucky! For someone like me, who uses this software as an Instructional Designer, this blog is invaluable. They provide information about the annual Lectora conference, they have answers to any questions you may come up with about the software, and they provide links to outside sources. Of the three here, this blog is likely the one I will come back to most often. 

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