Sunday, February 22, 2015

EDUC 6135 - Week 7 - Converting to a Distance Learning Format

For this week's assignment, I took my technical writer skills and had a little bit of fun creating a document. It's very simplistic, but also realistic. I decided to use a conversational tone, so as not to scare away anyone who may actually be interested in converting a course from classroom to hybrid.

I decided to focus mainly on the areas asked of us in the prompt:

  • What are some of the pre-planning strategies the trainer needs to consider before converting his program?
  • What aspects of his original training program could be enhanced in the distance learning format?
  • How will his role, as trainer, change in a distance learning environment?
  • What steps should the trainer take to encourage the trainees to communicate online?

My headers involved an introduction, first steps, technology, what you need to know, and student participation. I then focused on sub-headings dealing with each category. I used what we learned in this course about pre-planning and suggested storyboarding and outlining objectives as imperative planning strategies, and I took what we learned about technology and wrote a whole section about that. One of the most important pieces of this, to me, was the focus on the difference between instructor and facilitator, so I made sure to outline all major differences.

I hope to be able to put this guide to use one day, granted I will have to change some of the subject matter.

**For some reason, I don't think the embed tool is working for me, so here is the link to my document. 

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